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Infrastructure Systems Ltd. performs external and internal plumbing, sewage and plumbing installations and facilities and also construction of buildings and structures. Using highly skilled employees in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the good manufacturing practice adopted in the company, allow of Infrastructure systems Ltd. to offer its customers high quality services. Today, Infrastructure Systems Ltd. is actively working both in the town of Stara Zagora, and also throughout Bulgaria. Modern technologies in construction, which impose and professionalism of our team are among the leading factors that put us a step ahead of our competitors and make us a preferred partner. Currently Infrastructure Systems Ltd. has the necessary technical equipment and highly qualified personnel.


Client: "HIDROSTROY" AD, Sofia

Client: "GEOSTROY" AD, Sofia

Client: "Krasin" Ltd., Smolyan

Client: Municipality of Stara Zagora

Client: "Vodstroj 98" AD, Sofia

Client: "HIDROSTROY" AD, Sofia

Client: "Vodstroj 98" AD - Sofia

Client: "Hydrostroy" AD - Sofia

Client: "Hydrostroy" AD - Sofia

Client: "Traiana Agro" Ltd - Stara Zagora

Construction of residential buildings

Client: "Infrastructure Systems" LTD Stara Zagora

Client: "Vodstroj 98" AD, Sofia

"Reconstruction of water supply network in the village of Vaklino, Durankulak, Ezeretz, Krapetsa and Shabla municipality"

"Build Transfer station for municipal waste - city of Kazanlak" implementation of site water and sanitation."

"Reconstruction of water supply network of the " Vasil Levski " district, city of Kazanlak

"Construction works within the project" Green and accessible urban environment for the residents of Stara Zagora " differentiated position -"...

"Construction and rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage network in the city of Radnevo" to Part 2: Construction and rehabilitation of water...

Building and reconstruction of engineering water supply and sewerage infrastructure of the city of Byala, ZVKO "Seagull" and "Water supply and...

"Rehabilitation and completion of the water supply network on the territory located in the western part in the city of Bansko"

"I-st stage of completion of the sewerage network in the city of Loznitsa"

Engineering (design into a working phase and supervision of the implementation, construction, supply and installation of equipment, staff training...

"Construction of drainage system of agricultural land and irrigation fields in the village of Bogomilovo, municipality of Stara Zagora district, sub:...

"Construction and building-installation works on the project: "Residential Building" on 4 "Professor Mitko Gogoshev" street, Stara Zagora.

"Administrative building with warehouse" (section A - administrative building with an area of 417.50 square meters; Section B - warehouse with an...

"Construction and rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage network in the city of Radnevo", for Part: pumping station and pressure sewer in the...

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